Pros and Cons of Construct 2 for Mobile Games

Construct 2 is an easy to use development tool for HTML5 that requires no programming knowledge. It is easy enough for beginners to use and get the hang of and the speed at which you can build a full game is tremendous.

What are the Pros?

Speed: The ability to build a game visually and not have to touch code can speed up your time to market dramatically.

Ease of Use: To use Construct 2, you do not have to know any programming language, so people that want a game on the market and were previously apprehensive, can use Construct 2 to build their game.

Multiple Platforms Construct 2 includes support for Web, Wii U, iOS, Android Windows, Windows Phone, and Mac.

What are the Cons?

Performance: Even though you can export your apps to iOS and Android, I have found the speed of my game is not anywhere near on par to a native game. It might be alright for basic games with few assets, but for graphic heavy games, nothing beats native. I guess this is due to lack of WebGL Support on some phones.

I think Construct 2 is a great tool for building 2d games, but for mobile, I would go native.

Check out Construct 2 here.

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