Marketing Strategy for Success in the App Market

Constructing an effective marketing strategy is an afterthought for many indie developers who have put so much time and effort into the development of a mobile application. Many indie developers think they can just release their app to Google Play/App store and it will get downloads and installs organically.More often than not however, it is necessary to create an effective marketing plan before app launch to maximize promotion and brand awareness.

What is the strategy to create the marketing buzz?

Promotion Before Launch:Prior to launch, various promotional content should be finalized. News releases, reviews by influencers, blog posts, and banner advertising should be utilized before the release. You can use a service like ReviewHub to get free reviews for your app.

Testing:This point is huge. Make sure to test your app thoroughly before releasing it. Nothing ruins the experience more than when you have a buggy app that crashes all the time. No marketing strategy can fix a badly coded app.

Revenue Model:Make sure you choose the right revenue model. Is your app going to be free, paid, ad-supported? If it is going to be ad-supported, you need to determine which types of ads are appropriate. If your app is ad-supported, do not be too ad-heavy. This can cause people to uninstall your app and leave a bad review.

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