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The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Your Apps Reviews and Downloads

There are millions of apps on Google Play Store and Apple play store. There is so much competition and it is very difficult for a developer to rank their apps on play stores. Here are a few tips to help your app rank better in Google Play or the App Store.

App Icon – The icon is the first feature of the app which user browsing ...

Posted on 7/26/2018

ReviewHub: How It Works

What is ReviewHub?

ReviewHub is a Review Exchange for Android (Google Play) and iOS (Apple App Store). We are a 1 to 1 exchange, meaning you get 1 point for giving a review and lose 1 point for receive a review. Getting Reviews, Ratings, Installs, and Valuable Feedback can really help boost your app ranking.

Steps to use...

Posted on 8/15/2018