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The Great Debate: Free vs Paid vs Hybrid Revenue Model

The Free vs Paid debate has been raging among developers for quite some time. Some advocate the paid model where a user will pay for your app and get all features. Others advocate the free model where you can appeal to a wider audience and get paid via advertising. There is also a hybrid model that is used by some where the user is shown ad's, ...

Posted on 8/13/2018

5 Common Mistakes Mobile App Developers Make

Not Testing

After having developed multiple apps for the Google Play Store, one of the biggest problems that I have encountered was inadequate testing. It is easy to spend all your time in development and marketing that your app may have a big bug. If the app crashes on a user, it usually means an immediate uninstall. If you app does n...

Posted on 8/11/2018

Marketing Strategy for Success in the App Market

Constructing an effective marketing strategy is an afterthought for many indie developers who have put so much time and effort into the development of a mobile application. Many indie developers think they can just release their app to Google Play/App store and it will get downloads and installs organically.More often than not however, ...

Posted on 8/8/2018

How to Optimize your Google Play Listing

Your Google Play listing is the most important factor in your apps ranking. Below are some tips to optimize your Google Play listing and increase installs/downloads.

Title - By far, the Title is the most important factor in how your app ranks. Think of something unique, but that also contains a keyword that you want to ...

Posted on 8/21/2018