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Finding Inspiration as an Indie App Developer

An indie app developer is a single individual or small team of developers that are not part of a larger studio. Large development studios can afford to hire graphic designers, developers, project managers etc... Resource limitations can often hinder or stifle inspiration for indie developers.

One way to find inspiration for a game/app is...

Posted on 9/12/2018

Forums in Development

We are working on integrating Forums into the website with Single Sign-On, so your account can also be used in the forums.

This should give developers a place to talk about marketing methods, ad-networks, mobile platforms etc... without ever needing to leave the site.

As always, we are striving to make the best place f...

Posted on 9/6/2018

How to Optimize your Google Play Listing

Your Google Play listing is the most important factor in your apps ranking. Below are some tips to optimize your Google Play listing and increase installs/downloads.

Title - By far, the Title is the most important factor in how your app ranks. Think of something unique, but that also contains a keyword that you want to ...

Posted on 8/21/2018

Site Updates and Bug Fixes

We have fixed many bugs and issues within the site. You can now update the Max Review per Day for your apps. Previously it was only changeable upon adding your app.

As always, we strive to give you everything you need to promote your apps and exchange reviews with others. Stay tuned for more updates and bug fixes.

Posted on 8/19/2018

4 Factors to Consider when Hiring Mobile App Developers or Development Agency

Choosing an agency to develop your mobile app is a momentous decision. There are many factors to consider during the vetting process including: Budgets, Skill Sets, and Preferences. Another beneficial quality of a mobile app developer is if they have adequate knowledge of your business.

If you are looking for agencies to build your mobil...

Posted on 8/17/2018

ReviewHub: How It Works

What is ReviewHub?

ReviewHub is a Review Exchange for Android (Google Play) and iOS (Apple App Store). We are a 1 to 1 exchange, meaning you get 1 point for giving a review and lose 1 point for receive a review. Getting Reviews, Ratings, Installs, and Valuable Feedback can really help boost your app ranking.

Steps to use...

Posted on 8/15/2018

Pros and Cons of Construct 2 for Mobile Games

Construct 2 is an easy to use development tool for HTML5 that requires no programming knowledge. It is easy enough for beginners to use and get the hang of and the speed at which you can build a full game is tremendous.

What are the Pros?

Speed: The ability to build a game visually and not have to touch code can...

Posted on 8/14/2018

The Great Debate: Free vs Paid vs Hybrid Revenue Model

The Free vs Paid debate has been raging among developers for quite some time. Some advocate the paid model where a user will pay for your app and get all features. Others advocate the free model where you can appeal to a wider audience and get paid via advertising. There is also a hybrid model that is used by some where the user is shown ad's, ...

Posted on 8/13/2018

5 Common Mistakes Mobile App Developers Make

Not Testing

After having developed multiple apps for the Google Play Store, one of the biggest problems that I have encountered was inadequate testing. It is easy to spend all your time in development and marketing that your app may have a big bug. If the app crashes on a user, it usually means an immediate uninstall. If you app does n...

Posted on 8/11/2018

Basic4Android RAD Development Tool Review

If you want to build apps and make money, then building them and releasing to market quickly is of the utmost importance. One tool that can save you an immense amount of time building for Android is Basic4Android aka B4A.

You write in Basic (yes original Basic and your apps are compiled into native applications. It takes the complexities...

Posted on 8/10/2018